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Patent Number: 1992474 Filing Date: Mar 06, 1934
Application Number: Issue Date: Feb 26, 1935
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-Fe-h-. 26, 1935. N. B. CURRIER 19992,474 INTERNAL WRENCH Filed March 6, 1934 -z7 S7

Patented Feb. 26, 1939 1 1 9 9 2 , 4 7 4 UNITED STATES PATENT,: OF-F ICE l@992,474 INTERNAL WRENCI[I Neil B. Currier, L ong Beach, Calif., assignor to Abraham M. Herbsman, Huntington P-ark, Callif. Applicition Marclt 6, 1934, Serial No. 714,282 CIainis. My invention relates 'Lo an internal wreneb and has for its princi]@al object, the pra-vision.of a relatively simple, practiral and inexpensiv-e wrench that may be conveniently.eniployed for engaging and rotating relatively short tubular members or plugs so as to screw the same into or out of parts in Which they are seated. A further object of my invention is, to provide an iinproved tool in the nature of an internal 10 wrench that is especially designed for the screwing and unscrewing of condenser tube ferrules and which latter are usually provided-in.their puter ends with notches or recesses for the aecommodation of the tool that is used in ro@'ating 15 the ferrulei so as to screw the same into or out of the condenser head. The tool contemplated by my inventioii, includes a body member slotted for the reception of a plurality of radially disposed doas wbich 20 latter are moved radially 6utward by a rnandrel that is screw-seated in the body@:and the dogs being ret2@ined in assembled relation witli the b(>dy by a cohar that is the body. With the foregoing and other obiocts in view 25 my invention coilsists in certain N(>VQI fqatures of- construotion aAd arrajigements of parts that will be bereinofter more fully described and ,aeci and illustrated in the ac companying drgwin g in wliieh: @o Fig. 1 is a longitudinal section taken through the center of an internal wrench constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a cross section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1. 35 Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1, Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the collar that is mounted on tt@e body of the tool for retaining tb-e dogs there'm and which collar is provided 40 with lugs for engaging the recesses in conden@;er tube f errules. @@g. 5 i,5 gn elevational view of the wren.-h. F,ig. 6 is a longitudinal section taken through the center of a modified form of the wrench. 45 Fig. 7 is a cross section takeii, on the line 7-7 of Fig. 6. Referring by numerals to the aecomp4nying drawing and partirularly to the ConstrUction 50 illustrated in Mgs. 1 to 4 inclusive, 10 designates and the forward portion 12 Of the body is slightly smaller in diameter than the rear portion. 55 A bore 13 extends axiary through the body 10 and said bore terminating in the forward portion of the extension 12 of reduced diameter. The forward end of extension 12 is tapered as designated by 14 in order that the forward portion 69 of -the wrench may be readily inserted in the (Cl. 81-72) tubes or reces ed members tliat a Ls re to be eng qge d, a- @id inen ipul 4ted by @th e wre n. ch. Viiat portioll of thg bore 13 witwli the bqdy 10 -is sligiatly Igrger in diameter than the forw d 4r portion-of said bore and said enlarged@portion is 5 internally threadecl as designated by 15 for the tlireoded, r6ar portioxi, 16, of a man&el and iorraed.,oii the rear end of the lat er is a head 17 baving wrench :rq@epiving faces. r The fqrwa d portion 18 of the@ mand@el has a I 0 sliaing fit in ttie rear portio of bore.13 and the forword end of the portion 18 is ta ered as desi nat d by 19@, g-- e Formed through the wall of member 12 suripundixig the intermediate - oortion of the bore 13 15 therethrough is a plurality of radially disposed @lptl3 @0, and arranged for sliding movement t)ierethrqqgll are radially disposed dogs 21 of Proened meta The inner edges 22 of these ([Qgs are inclined to, correspond with the taper 20 (t tlie,forward portion 19 of the mandrel and the rear ou rn,rs d ,ter co e of sai dogs are cut away to iorm notches 23. M Q=ted on the reduced forward portio4 12 of the body of the wrench immecliately in,front 25 of t - he main body 10, having the wrench receiving fgces, is a cqllar 24, the forward portion of w hich overlies the notched rear corners of the dogj$ 21,, thus retainin said d gs in position upon g 0 the body of the wrench and at the same time 30 pern 'ttin g sgid dogs to move radially outward- as the mandrel'is moved forwardl int @y o the body of soic . .1 Form ecl integral with the forward en(I of col- lar 24, are forwarclly projecting lugs 25 -th at are 35 aclgpted to enter the notches or recesses. that @are formed in the outer ends of conventional con- denser tube ferrules. The rear portion of collar 2,4 is prgvided.with notches 26 for the reception of lugs 27 that are 40 formed integral with the body oi the wrench immedia tely in front of the rear porti on 10. thereof. -The lugs 27 project into the notehes 1 26,@ pro- viding- interengagement between the wrench@ 45 bqdy and collar, which effectually h6lds the c6l- lar,again st rotation on said wrench, body. @ To retain the collar against lengthwise movement on the wrench,body,when.prpperl y applied there- 50 to, the external faces@of the coll,ar . 24 a I nd Pgs 28 that is occupied by a sria r' g 29 6f resilien p 1D wire. In asseinbl'mg the parts df my improved in, 55@ ternal wrench, the dogs. @2i are Dia6dcl in the slots 20 and moved inward until their outer. edges -ire pootioned lielow the,- outer surface of the f war(i Pprtion 12 of @the, wrench body, -after. (r Which the 6 llor or retaixiing ring 24 is posi- 60 externally arranged wrench receiving faces 11. 27 are pr6Viclpd wit4 A circumferlential groove the body of the wrench wl-Ach is provided with

1,992,474 tioned on the rear portion of body member 12 with the lugs 27 occupying the notches 26. The snap ring 29 is now positioned in the groove 28,to reta'm the collar ili@ position- upon the body and when so positioned that portion of the collar that overlies the notched rear co,rners of the dogs prevents said dogs from moving outwardly so as to become disengaged from the wrench body. 10 The mandrel is now scr6wed into the rear portion of the wrench body with the tapered forward end 19 of said mandrel in engagement wit.h the inclined inner edges of the dogs 1 21. When the wrench is utilized for screwing or 15 unscrewing nipples, short pipe sections or recessed plugs the fornvard portion 12 of the wrench body is inserted in the nipple or pipe so that the outer edges of the dogs are positioned within said iiipple or@ -Dipe and @the maiidrel is @20 now screwed fo rwardly through the wrench body so that the engagement of the@ tapered forward end 19 of said mandrel with the inner edges of the clogs move the same -radialISr outward until they have gripping engagement with the inner. 2@ SUrface of the nipple or tube and by means of a wrench or like tool apphed to the wrench faces 11 on the body 10, the latter is rotated so as to screw or unscrew the engaged nipple or pipe section. Sd When the wrench is utilized for screwing or unscrewing cohdenser tube ferrules, the forward portion of the tube is inserted into the ferrule so that the lugs 25 on collar 24 engage @ in the notches in the outer end of the ferrule after 35: which the mandrel is screwed into the body of the wrench to move the dogs outward so that they engage th6 inner face of the ferri:ae. The wrench is now rotated and the engaged ferrule may be readily screwed into or out of fo- the condenser heold. The strains impressed on the cbnden@er ferr.ule while the same is being rotated, are transmitted to the body of the wrench th.rough the lugs 27 that occupy the notches 26 in the collar 45@ 24. . In the modified fbrm@of wrench illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7, the wrench bbdy 30 is@provided with an axial bore 31, the'rear portion of which is @ internally threaded for the reception of - the @o@ threaded rear portion bf a mandrel 32, and the forward portion of the bore through the wrench body is erilarged to form a chamber 32a. Formed through the wall of tho body surrounding the chamber 30, are radially disposed @5 slots 34 preferably three in number, and arranged for sliding movement through said slots, are dogs@35 of hardened metal. The inner edges 36 of said dogs are inclined for engagement with the tapered forward por- 60 tion 37 of the mandrel and projecting from the front and rear edges of the dogs at their inner ends are ligs 37. These lugs,serve as stops to limit theoutward movement of the dogs through the slots 34 and 6onsequently retain said do s iri@ 6@ assembled'relb.-tion @with the wrench body. In placing the do@s in the v@rench-body, the @ame @re.1-entered through chamber 33@ and then moved outward throu . gh the slots 34 and when the mandrel is screwed into the wrench body, 70 the tapered-forward end 32a . of;said mandrel engages the inclined ' er edges of the d I ogs. inii 'Wheri this form of internal wrench is used, the forward end of the wrench body is inslirted iii'the iiipple oi tube that is to be -totated and -ffiaiidrel @is@ now@ - screwed forwardly in; the th6 body to move the dogs radially outwarct into gripping engagement with the tube or nipple and the wrench is now rotated-to effect the desired result. Thus it will be seen that I have provided an int,ernal wrench that is relatively simple in construction, iliexpensive of manufacture and very effective in performing the functions for which it is intended. In addition to serving as a wrench for screw- lo ing and unscrewing nipples, short pipe sections and the like, my improved wrench may also be utilized for the screwing and unscrewing of condenser tube ferrules, which latter are provided in their outer ends with notches for the recep- 15 tion of a manipulating tool It viill be understood that minor changes in the size, foriii and construction of the various parts of nly improved internal wrench may be made and substituted for thbse herein shown and @@o described without departing from the spirit of my inver-tion, the scope of which is set forth in the appended claims. I claim as my invention: 1. An internal Nvrench, comprising a body hav- 1@@ ing an axial bore and with radially disposed slots in the forward portibn of said body, a mandrel positioned in the@bore in said body and having threaded engagement with said body, dogs arranged for sliding movement through the slots 36 in said body, the inner edges of which dogs engage the forward end of said mandrel, a collar detachably mounted on the intermediate. portion of s,.iid body, which collar overlies the rear por- tions of said dogs and lugs projecting from thd ..3 forward end of said collar. @ I - 2. An internal wrench as set forth in claim 1, with readily reinovable.means for retaining said collar in position upon the wrench bod:v and said collar and wrench body having interengag- 40 irig parts to resist relative rotative strains. 3. An internal wrench, comprising a body hav- ing an axial bore, a @collar removably mounted on the intermediate pprtion df said body, lugs projecting from the forward end of said collar, 45 interengaging lugs and n6tches between said col- lar and body, means for securing said collar against longitudinal movement on said body, the body in -front of said collar being provided with radially disposed slots dogs loosely seated in said 50 slots the forward por@ion, of which collar overlies the rear I pbrtion of the dogs so as to provide a retaining means therefor and a mandrel occupy- ing the bore in said body and having threaded engagement with said body for moving the dogs 55 outward through said slots. 4. An internal wrench, comprising a body hav- ilig an axial b6re and -rad.ially disposed slots that are formed through the forward portion of said body, dogs arranged for sliding niovement 60 in said slots, a ma-,idrel positioned in the bore in said body and having tlueaded engagement therewith, the forwaj:d portion of which mandrel engages the inner edges of said dogs, a collar 65 removably positioned on the body, which collar overlies the rear portions of said dogs an gs proj@cting from.the forward end of said collar and means for holding said collar ag,@inst rotary movement on the wrench body. 5. An internal wrench as se . t forth in claim 4, 70 and means holding said collar against longitudi- nal movement on said body, NEM B. CURRIER. 75

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