US 1487064: "March 18, 1924.' E. D. HUME SEWING MACHINE SHUTTLE Filed Julv. 2@. 1922 (OCR)"

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Patent Title: March 18, 1924.' E. D. HUME SEWING MACHINE SHUTTLE Filed Julv. 2@. 1922 (OCR)
Patent Number: 1487064 Filing Date: Jan 01, 0001
Application Number: Issue Date: Mar 18, 1924
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March 18, 1924.' E. D. HUME SEWING MACHINE SHUTTLE Filed Julv. 2@. 1922 t-f . *8* MMI"I -f/ Zf /7 lo ZO 12 /Z i tF, 7, "91 /7 '18 0-Ir

Patented Mar. 18, 1924. 19487 064@ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. EDGAR D. HUXE, OF COLLTNGS'WOOD, ITE-W JERSEY, ASSICTNOR TO SU-LVIIEIT TIHREAD COXPANY, OF LLST HATilPTOIT, 00-CYi,T--PICTIC-J@-, A CORPORATION OF XAINE. SL'NVI:,TC,--LVI-;.CHINE SYLUTTLT-@'. Application filed Ju,y 28,1922. Serial No. 578,030. To all u,hora it -intz?l co@toern: EDGAR D. Hui,,ir,,, Be it kiloivn tlitt l@ t citizeii of the TTnited St,,ites, resicling at Collingsii-ood, iii the county of C,,tnidGn aiid r) State 6f Neiv Ter-oy, hai7e iiivented revv ap-cl useful In-ipi,oveiiieiats in Se-wing-Maclaiiie Shiittles, of Aibie-h the, follo-wing is -L speci@- c,,ttion. r This invention elates to t shuttle -wL 10 coi-nprises ,t body ford-iing ,t b6bbin cas(@ ad,iptecl to recei,@,o ai-id pei,-n-iit lul-te i-ot,,ttlon of a bobbin, tl-ie case includiiig a central bobbin post oii iiliieh the hub oi- core of the bobbiii is ,tdaptecl to --rot,,ite. . 1 r), The object of tl-ie inventioi-i is to qd.-,,pt ,t shuttle cliarictei,-'tzed ,ts sL-,,,tted, ,tiid adapted, as oi- i_zin,,tllv coi-istructed, to bc,. -Lised Nvitl-i .t met,,tl bobbin, con-lp6sed@ of ,t fl,,tiiged spool and a windi,,ig of tl- ire,,td thereon, to b@-- 20 conveniently modified to ,td,,tpt it for use ivit,lil a ready- wouncl bobbin, coiiiposed of ,t flangeless cop tlibe Pnd a universaII3,-wo.i-i,-id diiig of 'uhread thereon, tl-ie shiittle, Nvher@ so ad,,tpted, including a spi-ing-I)i@essed D-ietal 25 disli: bearing yieldingly on the iiiiier eiid of the bobbin, aiid preventing the eiitanglei-nent or confinemelit of loose coils of thread displaced from the winding. The in.ventioi-i is ch,,tra . eterized by the iju- 30 pi-oved mea-tis h,.-reinalter described an(I claimed, whereby said disIK: is confined in e th case, so that it is ihovgble ou't-ward only to a - predetermined extent, by a spring seated on the inner side por'L"Ion Of the shuttle s5 body, ,tnd is prevented from being displaced inward sufficieiitly to objectioiiably compress said sprin 9. Of the accompanying drawings forming a paril of this specification. 4o Figures 1 an-d 2 are opposite side vieiv.s ' somewh,,tt edlarged, of a shuttle embodyin(r the invention. Figure 3 is a more enlar-aed section on line 3-3 of Fi(-Yure 1. 45 Fiaure 4 is a View simila.r to Fi(-ure 3, the bobbin being removed. Figure 5 is a, fragmentiry perspective view, showing the bobbin post and a part of the inner side - oortion of the shlttle body. r)o Figure 6 is a perspective view showing the sleeve formin- the post enlargemeiit and abutnient sho;lder h@reinafter described. Fic,-dre 7 is a perspective vicw, showing the s top sleeve herei-,i,,tfter clescribed. Figtire 8 is ,i perspective iv-@iew, sliowiiig 55 the bobbin- stipportiilo, disli:. T@'igure 9 is ,t secti6ii.-i.,l vlevr of the siluttle, -",ithout the p-.ti-ts cliaricte,!izili" i,-,iV("R-, tion. The s,,tm6 1-,eference charactei-s ill(lic,,tte the fio sai- .,ie parts in @tll of the -ligtires. Th e body of a shlittle toill7l cli the improve- nient s ell,-Lractei-iziiia i,.iy iiiveiitioii are ap- plie d iiielticles ,tn iiirer s;lcle portioll l@),, f6i!in- iiig the inilei- eilcl of a bobbi,.l case, a eirelilar 65 cur b 13, foria-iing the bobbiii cise iii,,trgin, ,tiid a cei-iti-a,.] tiiblilir post 14, coi-icenti@ic wit h tl-ie ciirb. Tiie pirts 12, 119i ,iiid 14 f or'lli

,IV udly 9 c-@ose!37 1-it,,z ti@e b-, en by so 28, S, iTIC7 A@r@ge-@@ Ol'i L"I(@ p@'S'c 4",Ie -LIi s s (IC! S ,-,ne oll'@er eii-Ci ol' It-, -,Ieeva, ",IL r c'tesel.-,L" -)0(1. A (@t" si@ 2 's -0- ,) tllle c,, ii - l,trg2 @34-,I,, i@'jle Ct'-,k 02@'i e 3 12, 0 el, t@ic; s@ -t emor-Ic- CL-' S'@@ 29 ti@c- C@Lis!,K 25 oil til,@e y '03 @@l j) olite-L, porti - 1 e@ ost @@l, co--q- oitter scol) i')2, II icii is c,,--@,.-ably clivicied ol@@ Si sho-,,-@,ji ,t @@13, , Is --,c o Z' t ep2-@ - -@le St C i)e-c-c! steel, Tl-ie -,.-hile@,@-,i@-@gs o-f-' -oi) 32 i-s greitei, o-@t' [he 2'@, so thalu- t'o@e ericl c)-,@- the s'to-,,,) co--,i- stop sholilcler, beqrs oi@@ sliould,-r 9,6 @s 1-110 (Lisl@ 29 ii-i the sho-@l.,,-i b), 4@ Thi3 s@uc)o s'@-eev-- hitos tiie r)ost, so th,-,.' i@t -s --n-ct i-, v@ bl.f-, A hc@-f e oi-,. T',-,i-3 a'D -@,, t 3 Y., e rLt s-'nou,-ide-- iii-,iits the iii- o-L' Vf)-.e sto-,d s"--e@--ve oii post, so t,'tiftt sto@-, stee-,.I- c --,,iiiiiot be to u- ,idL,,Iy coiii- press LI-le s-orilag 3-' The ol- '@-h-- et.i- sk @'9 has @t -"I'E 4,5 th-- sli, o-4-@ @,qe pro-- 'is O, e e ve,-c,.ts col tl-irepd ',,ei- lg r@,ta@iag, Ot col"- tiols 'L,!)-e bo'@, Lqd uiiidesi-r,-tbly "toose rota@,i-oi-, 50 it will -,De, seeii ,triet cop@- iiig iny iiivenlicit i-nay bc. 'L,, ve--@i;eiiul-y -,Lppile,,--' 'o Li -,,is(, ,i, rear-,-@7- 0 id bo'@)bi- @.i. v,,,Iiieh 'Lorms t@ie -b-ct-u'cler z96 rii@qy be 'i-itegr,,ii co-L-n- shuttle body ii-yelud-ipg cc side por- co ec-iitr,@l PO,9@l, , r@ e, .0 C nf o ine a bobblii o-ii -p@ d',,ist,,tbl,- 'o 'L-,corfi o ,,,acive -,Te c' be leo i tc oosi of '@l-,e -i-,osi". .I, dis',-@- IC, loi-ig- I' j) i@, --e o detaclia'ol.-,iT t s OL be- sii@e )C)-,@,',oi-i o@@, u-,,i" cl '-,o@iv, L-,-he Stc,@'D li MO-,Te- 1 e -Ier r ss ir o-" T) e I e -L s DY10L "@l(@ at th-- iiiiie,, @,ncl. Olt! t"-)-e s t aii o-- @:1-le stop. Qf-, @,)-,Iy s@,cle 'C,, oli, @3 e'll, b o cii 0 '6@@ -,c to pcsilioii. oT -C, si-@io portio.,i shlittle '@,-cd3i Co @h@ 0 -fi@oo, to ixiove loi)--ituOI, o'L th@-, pos-'Ll a iilt,,i-I)os(,,cL bc,'7,7eei-i the Oiisi@ -i-id s,-, i c, sicle poi-tioii o--,e, body, o@ sleeve j--Ls,u-,,tb'[(-, oii ti-io pos@@ --o itsl-littitiiig -. stop to outwa,-cd i-ioveriieiit of the dlsl-@ ct,- of- sprirg, -@nd iue,,),i@is i-oi@ ol-" sa-id sleeve, --Lo,,-@ u-'Li.e p-@ti--_p.,--,s-. des-,ri-bed. 3@ Ti a sev,@Tilig -,Ia,-hire siitittle, tli-e com- v,,itl-. ,i bod- )T ,t sicl-, poi@- ti--oii., cll--culai, etirb P- centrd.1 tubular p,)s, an(! to co-nl'lne a. bobbi-,a oq- the, -ric-st a,7,,cl, ,?,Ctj,--Lstable 'bo and frop-i ope-ra- -,t sui,rouidi-pg t'i-ic ,)OS,-, u le -i ol- the shuc@ e b--)dy Po.-,tioi -1 j,,ibsta--@-iti-,,),Ily 'uo the cireiila,@ c-crb o-@' sq-id- body spl:!-,D-g ii)-@l-erposed 0 CisL,- a--@ia7 s:i-d@- p euio.-i-i o' th- bo-ly, eiig@",glp-g @lie pos@L a stol') lip@li@tiiig MOVP,COT-is@l, M-en'Ll 0 I, tl-,e di-sl@: u@,@neter 'ul-io ictioii O--f tDI3 11 t-,I-ient oi-. -@he pos'L ii C' moveiiei,-'c O-T- s,,ij sl-epve. ii t,@s@.Liirony -@v'j-iei@eol T have affixed EDGAR D.

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