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Patent Number: 1344452 Filing Date:
Application Number: Issue Date: Jun 22, 1920
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L. ROTH. EL E CT ROL I ER. APPL I CAT] ON F I LED I UN E 27, 1 9 1 9. lj,344,452. Patented J I une 22@ 1920. By 7z2'x Attorney Inventor

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. LOUIS ROTII, OF NEW YORIK, N. Y., ASSIGNOR TO STERLING BRONZE COXPANY, OF NEW YORK, N. Y., A CORPORATION OF NEW YORK. ELECTROLIER. 1,344,452. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Jniie 22,1920. Application filed Tune 27,1919. Serial No. 307,074. To alltvltom it may concern.- Be it Imown that I, Lou-is ROTII, of the -ty of New York, county of Bronx, and State of New York, h,,tve irivented a certain iiew and useful Electroliej@,: of which the following is a specifimtion. This invention @is ,tn.electrolier wherein provision is inade for han(,inE, a globe or ZD @, dome directly from a canopy in such manner that said (,,lobe or dome may be easily ,attaclied, detachecl, ancl raised or lowered as i,eqtiired. Ftirthermore, provision is mad6 for raising or lowering an electric lami) as may be required with referpnce to the position of the globe or dome, said meaiis operating to securely retain the electric lamp in a suspended relation to the o@lobe or dome so as to be free from coiitact therewith, -",hereby electric lamps of differ- 20 eiit sizes may be used in coni-iection with globes or domes varying in shape and size' One pirt of the invention co-asists of a canopy pi-ovided with a plurality of aper@tires 'n the form of keyhole slots, combined 25 with a o-lobe, or, dome, and a plurality of suspenclers, the latter being preferably in the form of flexible chains the liiil@cs of ivhich are rouncled, altliough other forms of suspenders may be titilized. The links of the S,o stispenders pass throuoh the slots in the canopy and when the @'eight of the alobe is imposed tipon the suspenders the links are dr,,twn into the reduced ends of the li:ey-hole slot!@, thiis locking the guspenders to the ,3 5 canopv, altliough it is appar ent that the lini@s may be pulled by h,,tnd out-of the reduced ends of the slots and then the links can be drawn freely throlioh the enlarolecl ei-tds of the slots so as to raise or lower the 4..,3 suspeiiders and the globe or to detach the slispenders from, or attach them to, the c,inopy. The invention consists, ftirther, in the coinbifi.ition with a boivl or globe provided -ib with apei-tiires adjacent its upper margin, of a plurality of hangers fitted in said apertlui,es, eqch han(,ei- bein(y provided with a slottecl arm extendin(,@, inwai@dl3, of the olobe or doine, and suspenders connected t@-said 5o slottecl arnis exten(lin,- iiiw,ii-dly of the globe or dome, and stispedders connected to said slotted ,trm-, of the 'han@,rers, wherebv the suspeiiclersaiid tliehangerscoi)peratej@intly for connecting the suspenders detachably and adjustably to the globe or bcwl. 55 A further part of the invention cousists in providing the canopy ivith a sleeve :thro,ugh which is adapted to pass certain conductors for feedina electric current to afi incandescent lamp,'@sail sleeve having a 60 ta ering internal thread, combined with a p split threaded bushincr screwed into the sle,-,ve and co6perating t) -with the conductor@ for frictionally ri ppitig the same to or re@- g leasin, - the same from the bushino-, -kvhereby 65 said bushing may be tightened or slackened for the pur ose of retainiilg the conductors . p in fixed relation to the canopy or of permit- ting the conductors to slide through said canop y to the end that the la,mp be raised or 70 lower ed within the globe as required. Ot her features and advantages of the in- rentio n will appear from the following e- scripti on taken in ecnnection witli the draw- ings, wherein- 75 Fig ure 1 is an. elevation with parts in sec- tion bf an electrolier embodying this in- ventio n., Fig . 2 is a horizontal section taken in the - )Iaiie of tlle dotted line 2-2 of Fig. 1 look- 80 ing up-",,,irdly, the parts being shown on an enlar ed scale. r 'i@ 3 is, a detail perspective view of one of the hangers A designates the canopy, B a globe or 85 bowl, and C are the suspenders atttched to the canopy and the bowl or globe whereby the weight of said globe is suspended di- rectly from the canopy. Th e canopy is a, metal fittina, composed 90 of a cast piece, or a inetal @.@inning i)r stampi n-, the mode of producin- said can- opy not beino- material. As @hown, the cano py is hollo'w in constriieti,Dn to produce a top flan(ye a and a pendent central member 96 a', the latter being formed ,it the center with a sleeve b. The canopy partia,lly hotis es or ineases the junction box D, and mea ns suitable for the purpose are provided for fixedly attaching the canopy in position, 100 the means shown being the screiis c. Ac cordino, to this invention, the canopy is providecfwith a pltiralit3, of slots E, a, suita ble iiumber being formecl in the centr,,tl penc lent inember a', three beln,u shown in 105 Fi(,. 2. Each slot consists of an eye 6 and

an elongated part e', the slot being of the ..kind termed a key-hole slot. The slots are .Spaced equi-distantly in the canopy, and they @open through the underside of said 6 canopy so as to be, ea ily accessible. The suspenders C may be composed of rods, chains, cables, or otlierwise, but it, is preferred to use chains the links of which are globular in form @and are flexibly con- 10 nected. The links are adapted to pass through the eyes e of the key-hole sl6ts in the canopy, and after sliding therein to the required positions said;, linkis are shifted into the narrow parts e' of said slots, as a 15 result of which the flexible chain suspenders ,ire locked to the canopy. The slots are so positioned in the canopy that the pull of the flexible suspende:ts and the weight of the dome has a tendency to draw @the sus- 20 Penders into the narrow parts of the slots and thus provision is made for arresting the chains from accidentally slippiiig in the slots so as to become detached from the canopy except by manual manipulation. 25 The globe or doine B is of any desired shape and dimensions, it being preferred to use a dome. of transparent.or.translueent ioaaterial such as glass. Said dome is shown as closed on the bottom and open at the top, 30 the dome being provide4 with a plurality of apertures /2near@the upper mar,-in there- of. Said apertures adcommodate the hanlrers F one of which is shown detached llii IriiLgy. 3 and two are @.fitted to the globe, see 35 Fig. 1. Each @hanger is composed of a piece ,of metal bent at two points intermediate its ends to produce an angular part f and an arm f', one end portion of the hang6r being provided W-ith a head g and the arm f' 4o having a slot henlarged at the end -to form an eye A', said slot )@ h' beinlr of key-hole formation. The angular p@'rt f of the hanger. is passed thro'lgh an apertpre f 2 of t t ead g - 'I - the dome so tha he h lies, in snug 45 relation to or in contact with the'globe on the outside thereof, wliereas the.arm f' of @said hang6r extends inwardly of the globe a,t an angle to the inner face thereo-L, I see Fig. 1. The hanger is thi-is -fitted detach- 50 ably to the apertured globe so, that the slotted conveniently positioned for the attachment of the flexible suspender. The head g of the hanger may be and pref erably @is ornamental in character so as to 55 present a neat appearance. . One of the lower links of the flexible suspender passes through the eye h' of the hanger and is drawn to the required,length, after which the link of said suspender is 60 slipped into-the reduced,part or slot A, thus providing a detachdble and adjustable coniiection @botwe6n the suspender and the globe, said slot occupying such a position in the hanger that the weight of the:globe 65 draws the flexible suspender into the slot in order to retain the suspender cidental separation. Throtigh @the sleev'e b af the canopy = the conductors G which carry a lamp i, to whicli an incandescent lamp 1 70 is connected in the ustial manner. Said sleeve,b is provided with a tapering open- ing in wliieh is tapped a female thread, pro- duding a tapering threaded openino,,. A wale threaded bushing J is screwed into,this 75 threaded sleeve,@said bushing being split as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 tnd the lower pare of the bushing being provided with a knob or knurled-o-perating piece j. The bushing 'is in concentric relation to the canopy and 80 the sleeve ',,b thereof, thus,permitting the conductors G to pass through said bushin . 1 @llhen turned in one direction, the, bushing is closed by the taperino, thread in the sleeve and it:thus acts to @i@ip the conductors 86 G for suspendin-a the lamp in a desired re- lation to the don@e, but by rotating the bush- ing in the opposite direct;ion, it releases the conductors, thus permittino, said conductors' to slide,through the lbushing and sleeve in go order to raise,or @lo'wer the lamp within the dome, whereby lamps of different sizes may be attached to the. socket and adjusted to oce@py a desired@ relation to the globe, without @being @in actual contact therewith. 95 From the foregoing description it wiU be seen that the globe @may be raised or loweted as required with re;erence to the canopy, that one or more suspenders can easily be detached so as to swing the globe aside on loo one or two suspenders, that the globe may be mounted @or dismo-Linted easily and quickly, and that the lamp can be raised or lowered without disturbing tho, position of the, globe. The devices are simple, -efli- 105 cient, reliable and econoiiiica;l of n-lanufac- ture. Haviiig thus fully described the invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent 'is 110 1. An electrolier embodying a ceiag Fanopy positioned for substantially incas- Ing a ceiling junction box, saicl canopy be- ing provided with a plurality of key-hole slots, a globe, and a plurality of flexible 115 suspenders attached to said glbbe, said flexi- ble suspenders being actiustably and detach- ably connected with the slotted portion of said ceiling can'opy. 2. An electrolier embodying a globe, a 120 pltirality of hangers attached to said globe, said hangers being positioned interiorly Nvith -respect to the globe and 6ach hanger @bein(i provided with a tapering slot, a pl-Li- rality of suspenders@ the lower portions of 125 which are connected dptachably to said slotted portions of said batigers witbin the @Lylobe,' and a caiiopy to which is attached the @iipper po'rtions of said suspenders. @3. An@electr6lier,embodying a, canopy, a 130

1,344,452 (robe, angular hangers fitted to apertures -11 iii the globe, siid liangers provided ivitli slotte(I ti,ins extendin(y inivardly from the glol,)e, -,iiid flexible suspe-n(lers fitted to the slots of tlle 4. An electroller enibodying ,t canopy, a ,(,lob(, pi-ovided with al)erttires, angul,(tr I li,tno-ers fitted iii the apertures of the globe, saic I liaii-ers extending in-Nvarctly froiii the 10 @lol)e aiid bein(, provi(ted -,vith lieads positioiied in coiitact witli the globe, and flexit)lc, suspenders att@tched to sai.d inwardly extendin,, liaiigers Avithin the lobe. 5. @kn 6lectrolier enibodyin- a c,.tnopy, t 15 (,lobe provicled witli ,tpertures, h,,tn(,ers fitted to said apertures of the globe, said li.iiigei@s I)i@ovided witli slotte(I arms extendino- @nivai-dlv ivith respect to the globe, and flexible sus@enders fitted to the slotted in- iv@irdly extending ariiis of said hangers, the 20 slots iii sii(I htilo-ers bein,,, so positioned that the iAei(,,-Iit of the gjobe drtkvs the stis- I)eiictei-s iiito lockin- relation to the li,,tn(,ers. 6. iVn electrolier en-ibodying t canopy pro- vi(ted Avith a female threaded sleeve, -,t globe, 25 slispenders itt(telied to the clnopy and the globe, condtictoi,s passing tlirough the sleeve of said canopy for siipl)orting a larnp in a desired relation to the globe, ancl t btishing threaded into the sleeve, said btishing h,,tv- 3o in- frictiojial engagement with said condue- tors. In testiiiioiiy that I clairn the foregoing as iuy iiivention I have hereunto sigiied my nime at the city of New York this 25th doy 35 of June, 1919. LOUIS ROTH.

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