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A real-time, high quality patent data delivery product built for patent analysts.

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About Us

ArchAPI is a modular, scalable, secure, cloud-based platform that delivers a fusion of data from multiple sources to enable comprehensive patent analysis.

Our Founders

  • Brad

    Brad Chassee

  • Tony

    Tony Rainoldi

  • Jason

    Jason Martin

Features & Benefits

  • Effortless

    Deploy the ArchAPI with a free client (Python or Ruby) or via a simple HTTP interface. All users can access comprehensive API Documentation and support from the knowledgeable customer support team.

  • Single Record Architecture

    The ArchAPI reconciles all available data to the relevant US application number and delivers this information as a domestic family record. Save time and effort in combining information and avoid missing data.

  • Current and Comprehensive

    The ArchAPI combines the diverse data available from the USPTO into a single source of comprehensive patent information. Data sets available include: Patents, Applications, Assignments, Maintenance, and Public PAIR.

  • Harmonized Assignee Names

    The ArchAPI fuses multiple sources of data to ensure that when you search, you find the data you’re looking for, even if names are misspelled, changed, or otherwise obscured.

  • Quality Monitoring

    ArchPatent ensures that the ArchAPI dataset is the most reliable and dependable data source available through continuous refinement, automated validation, and data health monitoring.

  • "

    The seamless deployment of ArchAPI exceeded our expectations and ... continues to enhance our decision making with timely patent information.

    — Angela Wier, Vice President, EDPA

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